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Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes remain hugely popular thanks to their versatility. Whatever you're looking for, we at Central Cycles in Portadown have a massive selection of hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes to suit all activities and budgets from the best suppliers in cycling, including well know top brand names such as: Claud Butler; Diamondback; and Goldrush.

Men's MTB
Men's Mountain Bike
Women's MTB
Women's Mountain Bike

Mountain Bikes from Central Cycles

At Central Cycles, we keep a stock of men's mountain bikes and women's mountain bikes in our extensive Claud Butler and Mongoose mountain bike range.

Claud Butler Mountain Bike

Why purchase a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes do not have to be used on mountain tracks. A mountain bike can be used well on an open road as well as as on a meandering and bumpy mountain track. With suspension, mountain bikes are more pleasant for use on bumpy and uneven road surfaces, especially over drains at the side of the road. Due to the construction, mountain bikes are much stronger that road bikes.

Mountain biking is an exciting and accessible form of cycling. Being away from traffic, off-road riding can take you along beautiful tracks such as the Ulster Way to challenging and exhilarating technical trails.

When you start off-roading it is important to build up your skills before attempting the difficult and technical challenges. Most riders learn their off road biking skills through watching and riding with other people as well as constant practice on the trails.

Make new friends and discover the fresh air in our country round the hills and mountains by teaming up with fellow mountain bikers. With a bike carrier or a van, the mountain bikes can be loaded up and taken to a new destination for trying out your mountain biking skills.

Mountain biking is not just for men, women can also enjoy the thrills and excitement of using their mountain bike whilst keeping fit and healthy.

Cycle to work

Whiz past everyone in their cars on your mountain bike as you go to work in the morning. With your bike you will not have to worry about the dreadful traffic, road works and parking. With the cycle to work scheme, you can get tax breaks which may cut the price of the bike by near a half. There are various factors which determine the tax break savings for your new mountain bike.

Other MTB info

When mountain biking, there are a few things which you may need to bring along with you.
  • Water bottles and/or camel pack for hydration
  • Adequate lighting
  • Basic Tool Kit
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Bicycle pump
  • Snacks / food
  • Bicycle lock

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